September 19, 2009 4 comments

Bleh- I’m sick. 😦

Yesterday I noticed that the back of my throat sorta stung when I was having some Rita’s with my friends. This realisation came shortly after someone SPIT-TAKED on me *coughkristinacough* and laughing at that and having a stingy throat made me inhale some, which left Kristina and me choking, and Nesi laughing at us both.

Nesi and Kristina left, I finish awesome, but creepy book (Project 17 by Laurie Faria Stolarz- lovved it!) and subsequently got a bad night of sleep- waking up a lot, feeling paranoid, freaking out when cat scratched at door to be let out, etc. – and then I woke up this morning.

And felt like crap a la crap.

Everything ached, my throat felt like it was burning, I had a band of hurt across my forehead, eyes and cheeks from a sinus headache, and in general I felt like I’d been eaten, spat out, scrubbed on one of those old fashioned wash boards, wrung out, and hung up to dry.

So now, seven various pain/cold/allergy/vitamin pills later, I’m sitting here with a cup of hot green tea, wearing a fluffy robe and slippers, sitting in the sunlight with my laptop and dogs all snuggled up with me in hopes of feeling warm for the first time in hours, writing to you all about how much being sick sucks.

Remember how in gradeschool you used to try to get sick so you could skip classes? So you could spend a day home?  Thinking that sick was better than school?

Yeah, why were we so stupid?

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school and that creeper kid

August 27, 2009 6 comments

1) So… school… Not sure how I feel about going back to school yet, I mean, I love seeing my friends every day, and routine is nice, but I am so not looking forward to waking up at six and having to do homework and projects again.

But hey, I finished the summer reading, have my locker set up, know how to work the lock that really, really hates me for whatever reason, and I know where everything is, so I guess I have that going for me. But jeeze, I do not know how I’m going to deal with waking up at six again.

Today, my alarm went off at 7:30, I woke up, listened to the music (my alarm is radio) for about fifteen minutes, got bored witht that, turned it off, fell back asleep as i was just sitting and thinking about the world, Ma walked in at about 8:30 wondering where I was, woke me up again, I promised I’d get up and promptly collapsed and fell asleep again when she walked out- finally woke up and dragged myself out of bed at 9:20, and that’s been the routine for the past few days.

So yeah, I’m skewered.

2) OMJ, I was so freaked out last night. No, scratch that- I’m still freaked out.

So Ma realises that oh duh, we forgot to get sugar for morning coffee when we went to Wawa earlier. So we all decide that getting up at six and running to Wawa when it’s all crowded with office people is just not worth the hassle. So it’s like nine o’clock at night, and we all run out the door and go to Wawa. Well I wanted to tag along, so I say, hold on, let me get dressed first, because I was already wearing my pajamas at that point.

So I run off to my room and look for something ot wear. Can’t wear my pj bottoms ’cause they’re kinda floral and floaty, and I don’t want to wear them out in public, and I can’t wear my pj top ’cause it’s a “Captain Morgan-original spiced rum-Gasparilla Pirate fest 2007” tank-top (incidentally given to me by my crazy grandma a few years back- basically gasparilla is this Tampa Bay drinking holiday with a pirate theme, and she used to work at a liquer store in Tampa, so she got a free t-shirt) and it has no support whatsoever. So I grab a bra and this cute brown shirt I got in North Carolina, and realise I can’t find any shorts. So I poke through my laundry, and the black capris are all fur covered because I have two evil cats that enjoy nothing more than sleeping on clean laundry, and the tan capris and green shorts are both in the wash downstairs. So I’m just about to toss on jeans when I remember that hello, my friend gave me these really cute demin short-shorts, and I look in my suitcase, and there they are, reasonably clean and ready to go. I tossed them on and ran out the door to go to Wawa with the parents, ’cause I knew I could get some candy there, and I just love candy. (so ha! beat that airtight logic! =P)

It’s maybe a five minute drive to Wawa from my house, and Ma says she’s just going to stay in the car and wait for us. So Dad and I walk through the parking lot, and right as we’re going through the doors, Dad puts his arm around me and steers me to the other side of the store, then walks over to the aisle where sugar is. So I’m like, “What’s up?” and Dad says, “Nothing, can’t I hug my little girl?” and I’m like, “Something’s up.” and he just sorta shrugs. So I grab some sour patch kids, and dad grabs the sugar, and we go to the check-out counter.

So nothing unusual there, but Dad keeps dropping change, and I’m sorta laughing at him just because it was funny, and we walk out the door, and get in the truck. I look out the window and notice that the cashier isn’t looking at the next customer, but rather out the window in our direction. I figure we just left a quarter or something on the counter, and I just ignored it.

Dad pulls a freaking fishtail out of the parking lot, and that’s when I know something’s up, because normally he drives like a granny. (not my grandma- she’s an insane driver who speeds and runs red lights; like the average slow driving little old lady) Mom asks what’s up, and dad’s just like. “Did you see that? Kid at the counter didn’t even look at me- he was staring at my little girl!” and I was like, “wtf!?!??!” and run through the wawa trip, and I realise, holy sh–, that guy was staring at me!

EWWWWWWW! Jesus freakin’ christmas! I’m thirteen! This guy was like eighteen and staring at me! EWWWWW! CREEPER! CREEPER, CREEPER, CREEPER! EW EW EW GROSS! That is so nasty! I was just wearing the only shorts I had, and some creeper guy stares at my freakin’ legs! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


So yeah, freaked out about school, freaked out about creeper dudes at the Wawa, just freaked out in general right now.


(would you like some fries with that sarcasm, or would you prefer one of our famous double-chocolate milkshakes? Speak now and get our limited time offer of both at no extra charge! And- wait no, never mind, it’s $5 for both, sorry.)


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Maddie got run over by a short kid!

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment

okay, okay, it’s true. I was run over today, by an exceedingly short person.

So we’re at the beach, and it’s high tide, and the waves are like crazy wicked, so of course we go boogie-boarding. But after a while, I got bored of that, ditched my board at the car, and ran back out just to float.

So I’m floating maybe twenty feet away from my dad and my cousin Dean and I notice that the surfers that have these giant 7 foot long boards are not too far off, maybe only thirty feet away, and it would really suck to be nailed by one of those suckers, so I’m avoiding them, right?

So I’m not paying attention to the 7-year-old who was boogie-boarding like ten feet away.

So when said 7-year-old catches a wave, I think, “oh, I’ll just stand there and let the wave go past me” and I don’t see the 7-year-old getting closer and gaining speed as the wave gets joined by another and the two waves sorts merge and go even faster.

I finally notice the kid when he’s like six or so feet away, still speeding right at me, and apparently he’s just noticing me too. Well when we were maybe three feet apart, I’m wearing my patented “oh fo’ shizzle!” face, and he’s just sort of staring at me in a horrified “crap crap crap crap crap!” way that suggested he had thought he had caught a good wave and everything was fine and dandy a second ago, and then I was in the way, and we were surely gonna crash into each other.

But I hit the floor and ducked way low at the bottom for a good 30 seconds while the wave goes over me, and hoping my head wasn’t suddenly hit by some sort of board.

So not feeling my skull crack, I stand up a bit hesitantly, and I see the kid like twenty feet in front of me, looking over his shoulder like, “crap, did I just hit her?” and I just sorta blinked and shrugged, and he blinked and shrugged, and we went back to where we’d been catching waves before.

It was only later that I realised the irony of being afraid for my life because a kid maybe 3’11” was coming at me. Hehe, oops. Sad thing is, this wasn’t even the first time this sort of thing has happened. *rolls eyes* kinda pathetic isn’t it?

In other funny beach news, my Great Aunt Rose was swimming with us today, and she got knocked off of her feet at one point by a big wave, and neither she or my grandpa (her brother) can swim too great, so she’s sort of floating there trying to get her feet beneath her again without getting slammed by the waves too badly.

And so this one surfer chick from the group next to us, maybe 15 or so feet down the beach comes over and helps her stand up again, and gets her back to our truck. So none of us really saw this encounter, and as Rose is telling my mom, what’s the first thing she says?

“That nice young lady with the enormous boobs is an angel!

What I found laugh-worthy was the fact that we all knew exactly who had helped her out as soon as she said that. Seriously! The girl must’ve been a DD, it was insane!



**PS. Grr, my laptop saved this as a draft instead of posting it again- this all happened a few days ago**

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I- am- so-

August 10, 2009 Leave a comment


I am so burnt that my bra has become my worst enemy, and I walk into “well you’re face is killing me!” jokes all day.

I cannot comfortably wear any swimsuit aside from the one I was wearing when burnt, because the straps don’t match the other tanlines. And it’s quite unfair.

My cousin Dean however, takes the prize for the lobster award. He is about the same shade of red I am on my face/shoulders, but all over his body. Lets say it all together now, “That sucks for you Dean.”

So, remember, when going to the beach for hours without any prior tan, waterproof spf 30 is not enough. Waterproof spf 30 reapplied many times during the day is not enough. Forgetting to reapply waterproof spf 30 at any point in the day will mess you up.

Why is it that every year I forget those three rules until I am horribly burnt to a crisp the color of, not pink, but “flaming tomatoes”?

And yes, for Morgan and Hanna, my shoulders are proof of gay fruits and possibly of gay penguins. Enough said.

Also, who’s ready for Bostwich season? Yum yum.

Oh, and in other news, I am loving our vacation. 😉


The house next door that we were all annoyed that people were moving into? Yeah, those people? They’re cousins who are Edward 13, Andrew 14, and Jules 15. And they’re totally hitting on me and my friends Hanna and Morgan.

Grampy brought his fry-daddy down with him, and I just pigged out on so many home-made french fries and chicken fingers, I officially look like I’m bloated from my Aunt’s visit again. This is actually a good thing.

We love both the ocean and the bay, and we are in a lovely place called Surf-n-Sound and on one side, it’s Pamlico Sound, which is great for kayaking in all day, and on the other side it’s the ocean which is great for boogie-boarding and floating over waves.


I have discovered that I have a second-cousin-once-removed who just died his hair back to blonde after being the blue-haired dude for like a year, and who, get this, shaves his legs. Calem is scary.

My friends Hanna and Morgan had to leave for half of today and tomorrow (but they’ll be back by the morning after that at like 8)

My other normal and funny second-cousin-once-removed Colin brought his friend Grant with him. Grant is a ginger-headed creeper who keeps staring at me.

All in all, good trip. 🙂

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July 21, 2009 2 comments

…OMJ, this is kinda freaky. This is a link to the lyrics of “Father of Mine” by Everclear.

Am I the only one who thinks this is Jace in disguise singing about Valentine??????

Seriously, except for a few lines, it’s like freakily similar.


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feedback fairies

July 16, 2009 19 comments

Hey lemme know whatcha think of the new theme. I’m not in love with it, but I was getting bored with the old one, so yeah.

And as for the fairies part of the title- my second cousins once removed (my mom’s cousins kids) and their mom lived in California, but their dad just moved to Germany for the army, and so they packed up their house and sent most of their stuff over, and pulled a roadtrip to visit everyone one last time before they went to Germany too. So they made a bunch of stops in California, then drove to Ohio and stopped there for a few days, and then they came to visit us and my grandpa before going to the Philly airport to go to Europe- they had a few layovers somehwhere between here and Germany… I think it might’ve been England and Italy… idk.

So anyway, they visit, and let me tell you a few things about Bridget and Samantha. They are seven and five years old. They think I am God. They want to steal my grandfather’s puppy and rename her “Woofy”. They enjoy fairies, mermaids, and make-believe. I was stuck babysitting them for three days.

So let’s put 2 and 2 together shall we? I, as the “responsible one”, must do whatever the kids tell me to as long as they don’t get hurt/hurt someone else, and they are allowed to do whatever they want. As in anything. So if I were say at the pool with my cousin Dean, and the girls decided they wanted to play chicken- I would have to let one climb onto my shoulders and grab at my eyes with FINGERNAILS for support- without complaining. Hypothetically.

And hypothetically, if they wanted to play fairies with me and call me queen Titania the topaz fairy while they literally fed me acorns (oh dear lord I don’t know how squirrels can take it) and pulled me into the cold and muddy creek, giggling like Magnus on drugs, I would have to let them. Even though the way Shakespeare first wrote about Titania portrayed her as a slut. I would have to take it with a grin.

And if I were working on a character drawing and trying to get someone’s skintone right, I would have to let them commission me to give them wings, a tiara, a moonstone, and a completely girly name, even if I were drawing someone from Ay-vey who would have no wings, no tiara, and a name like Saonix as apposed to Chloe. And then I would of course have to let them tell me to draw someone with shorter hair and freckles named India (hmm, I wonder why short hair and freckles sounds a lot like Bridget, who was running around calling herself India at the park all day? Must be a coincidence) only this princess fairy had to be a topaz fairy.

And I would of course be dragged through the woods while the girls lived out their Magic Treehouse obsession and looked for the tallest oak tree in the woods because somebody had to tell them we live in “Frogcreek PA” to make the trip more “exciting” and of course as soon as the girls saw a stream with a toad nearby, it just proved that they were looking in the right place.

And if I say let the girls look around the ruins garden on their own (keep in mind it was solely inhabited by old people- we’re talking 70+, no one that’s gonna hurt the kiddos) because everytime I got close enough, Samantha would pull my hair and shout that she was braiding it in my ear, when she was just pulling it out and twisting it a little, to go find mom, grampy, and Cathy who were maybe thirty feet away and get a break, I would naturally be greeted with, “Where are the girls? Why did you leave them there? They could get hurt!” no hello or anything like that- just a freak out about the girls.

Oh if only it were all hypothetical.

Don’t get me wrong, my cousins are all cute and adorable, and I would love to hang out with them- if I had opportunities to take a break like Cathy, my mom, and my grandfather were able to. Aside from all of the piggy-backs up and down hills and stairs, it was really just being stuck with them for days and being told by my mother that I had to be nice and let them do what they wanted that killed me.

That, and the fairies.

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June 30, 2009 4 comments

I’m back! And as for the title, not addition as in math. I hate math. Math can just go and shove itself up its- what? I was going to say nose. God get your head out of the gutter people. 😉

Anyway, I mean additions as in stuff that is new and unbelieveable! Lemme list ’em all:

1) A tan. Yeah, the sun in aruba is so magical I was able to tan without getting fried by the sunlight. So I am now not ghostly pale anymore! But my hair got lighter, so I’m n0w even more blonde. Go figure.

2) More freckles. And they’re all over my face! Another million across my nose and cheeks, and a few around my mouth. It was funny, I thought they were little specks of chocolate at first so I’m in the bathroom scrubbing until my skin’s all red and that’s when I realised they wouldn’t come off. More proof that my karma loves me. *roll eyes*

3) A puppy! Well, almost. The thing with Aruba is that there are five main lifeforms. People, palm trees, iguanas, skinks (little neon blue lizards), and stray dogs. And one of my gandma’s friends Linda is like dedicated to rescuing the strays and putting them in shelters, and finding homes for them, etc. So we’re walking through the hotel lobby one day, and we see herfwith her little scrapper dog Fluffy (or Yoda ’cause of his ears- they’re <em>HUGE!</em>) and another little grayish dog with a darker patch on her face and tail. This second dog is Salt and Pepper (or just Pepper) who was about 4 months old, and had lived off of french fries pretty much all of her life. She was such a little sweety and she had those big brown eyes that sort of sucked us in, and we get talking to Linda about seriously taking the dog home with us. But the thing is, because she’s too big to go in a carrier, and putting her in with checked baggage is dangerous, we would have to lie and say she’s a service dog in training and pretty much get in the faces of the airport personel and force them to let us take the dog with us because they’re legally required to. And we could probably do that once- but while our flight to Aruba was direct, our flight home had a layover in Charlotte (Go North Carolina!) we’d have no guarantees. So while we could probably get the dog to Charlotte, they might’ve confiscated her and shipped her off to an SPCA, which would probably be better than living off of french fries, but kinda pointless for us. However, we did tell Linda that if she could get the dog to us, we’d take her, so cross your fingers and knock on wood, we might just get a new puppy yet! 🙂

Speaking of flights, I officially dislike flying. Well, not so much flying as these particular trips. The ride there had a creepy-voiced flight attendant and was too short for me to finish Ironside, and that pretty much killed me ’cause I had to stop at a really crucial point, and didn’t have a chance to finish it for DAYS. And the Flight back was death ’cause the plane took off an hour and a half late, and then we landed at 10:30 pm, and would’ve missed our connecting flight to Philly if that hadn’t been delayed till 11:00. And that flight was super short, and would’ve been cool if I hadn’t had horrible cramps. Curse you Mother Nature.

On a happier note, we went snorkeling a lot (SO amazing) went out to dinner and lunch everyday, and had free gourmet buffet breakfasts every morning, and pretty much lazed around in the sun all day while my grandma acted sort of like a Satan-posessed tourist guide ’cause she lived in Aruba from the day she was born until she was 18. Overall, great trip, but I am soooooo glad to be back home. 🙂

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